Advocacy, Education, Support and Scholarships for Children With Special Needs in Our Community.

Artwork, Community and Fundraising.

Please contact Community Funding Solutions to see how you can make a difference in your community. Just click on thier logo to the left to find out how to donate to PAUSE4kids.


Many of the children associated with PAUSE4kids are amazing artists (In our forum, there is a gallery of artwork; be sure to see that.) Board Member Cindy Idell has made some beautiful calendars and sets of notecards, and these are being offered as gifts to people who make donations to PAUSE4kids; a $15 donor can receive a set of ten cards. It is a way for us to not only say thank-you but for people to have a connection with some of the children PAUSE4kids has helped.


In the Notes section, please be sure to mention that you would like to receive a set of cards or a calendar as gift-and thank you very much for your donation!